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Information about the Ostrova Charitable Foundation

The mission of the Foundation is to provide help for people suffering from the rare - and so far incurable - genetic disease, cystic fibrosis. Our aim is to improve their quality of life; to facilitate their integration into society and effective understanding of the disease; to discover their talents and unlock their creativity; to support parents’ organizations, foundations, and noncommercial partnerships interested in improvement of health services; to promote early diagnosis and to develop legal and social protection of this category of citizens.

The Charitable Foundation Ostrova systemically helps cystic fibrosis patients in Russia. Information on specific foundation activities can be found here (archival link).

The Foundation operates in close cooperation with Saint Petersburg organization of care for cystic fibrosis patients, helping to arrange and hold special events, conferences and seminars for patients, parents and doctors. It also purchases medicines, individual medical devices and high-caloric nutrition for the patients of the city and surrounding region, as well as providing assistance in the carrying out of special diagnostics.

The Foundation has been implementing charitable programs across the entire Russian Federation since 2011, often in partnership with the Interregional Public Organization (IPO). The IPO has around 50 offices located throughout Russia and the Foundation has frequently collaborated on its Help for Cystic Fibrosis Patients programme.

The core objectives of these programs are to draw of attention to сystic fibrosis -related issues, and to achieve systemic changes in the quality and range of medical and preventive services provided by the State. A related aim is the extension of social guarantees and protections to CF patients.

 Main programs of the Foundation:

Chopin award: Grants to active CF sufferers, and those helping them, to provide motivation and opportunities for the former to live life to its fullest. 

Initiative: Grants for implementation of initiative projects of regional patient organizations, aimed at the improvement of the lives of children suffering from CF.

Kinesiotherapy: Grants for the establishment of kinesiotherapy facilities and training of kinesiotherapy specialists in the regions.

Science: Grants for research projects in the field of cystic fibrosis and for individual motivation of scientists.

Training: Grants for improving professional skills via training and educational events , held both in Russia and abroad, for Russian experts who work with cystic fibrosis.

CF Library: Publishing of new books, informational films and guidelines, as well as  the creation of a database for patients with cystic fibrosis and their families.

CF World: Stories and contact details of successful adult CF patients ready to share their personal experience with others.

Transplantation: Assistance for patients requiring transplants, and for those who have already undergone surgery. This help takes the form of nutrition and vital equipment for the patient, and general support for the development of transplant procedures in the Russian Federation (In the leading Moscow and Saint Petersburg centres, for example, we support  surgical procedure and professional training).

Report of the foundation activities 2018

Report of the foundation activities 2019