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A family adopted a child with cystic fibrosis in Buryatiya

 “A child diagnosed with cystic fibrosis came to the orphanage in Ulan-Ude a year ago. He spent half of his time at the orphanage in hospital, in serious condition. We immediately began searching for a family to adopt him,” said Lyudmila Molchanova, chairman of Legkoye Dykhaniye [Breathe Easy], a regional public organization for cystic fibrosis patients. 

The boy joined his new family on 15 March 2016. His diagnosis of cystic fibrosis did not frighten his new parents. They accepted responsibility for his treatment and talked with doctors and other parents faced with this disease. 

Legkoye Dykhaniye asked the Ostrova Charitable Foundation to help the adoptive family acquire an inhaler, which Bogdan very much needed.

Ostrova’s board of trustees decided to help Bogdan and bought two PARI inhalers for him—a stationary inhaler and a portable inhaler that he could take with him to hospital. 

 Thanks to his caring parents, we believe the boy’s health will stabilize.