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A scientific study on nutrition status of cystic fibrosis patients has been completed

Scientific institute of Pulmonology in Moscow, with the support of the Science Charity Programme of Ostrova, has completed the scientific investigation entitled “Nutritional support for cystic fibrosis patients, with an evaluation of clinical efficacy of individual dietary advice, inclusion of high-calorie energy cocktails in the main food rations, and the use of a feeding-tube.”

It is well-known that cystic fibrosis patients often suffer from low weight, which has an adverse effect on their general health and breathing function.

The study of a group of patients receiving supplemental high-calorie therapeutic nourishment in addition to their main rations showed improvements in breathing and body mass index.

The photo shows the changes in BMI of one of the project participants – Aleksei Otradnykh, who underwent successful lung-transplantation surgery during the project.

We express our gratitude to Elena Amelina and her colleagues from Pulmonology Scientific Institute of Russia for the high-quality work!