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Chopin Award 2016 results out!

1 October was the deadline for applications for the Chopin Award contest. The contest jury held a session to consider all the applications received and decide on the awards to the participants.

This year, 48 people received Chopin 2016awards.

Children and adults from 23 regions of Russia became laureates in the category People with CF. The participants of the contest impressed once again with their multiple achievements and personal victories in different spheres of life.

The winners in the Journalists category were:

1)      Evgeny A. Sirotkin, a correspondent for IA Tatar-info of the Republic of Tatarstan in Naberezhnye Chelny, who provides regular informational support to the patients’ community in the Republic of Tatarstan;

2)      Ulyana Sokolova, a freelance journalist, St Petersburg, who made a photographic report covering the life of a CF patient on the Takie dela Internet website  (see the material).

The category Those who Care was created to encourage people, who are not personally affected by the problem of cystic fibrosis, and, however, do not just stand idle, but provide all possible support and assistance to CF patients. In 2016, there was one winner in this category.


We thank all participants for being prepared to share their accomplishments and inspiring stories of their lives!