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The 7th All-Russia Congress of Patients was held on 9-10 November

The 7th Annual All-Russia Congress of Patients took place on 9-10 November in Moscow. Congress participants had an opportunity to attend round tables, discussions, briefings, educational seminars, and trainings about the functioning of patient communities, enhancing public control of the health care system, and improving the quality and affordability of medical care.

The Ostrova Charitable Foundation following a request from the Organization Helping patients with cystic fibrosis, provided funding for the travel expenses of four Congress participants: regional representatives of the organization and members of the Regional Public Councils on Protecting Rights of Patients: Tatyana Pogorelova (Republic of Adygea), Eleonora Sevryukova (Voronezh region), Vera Tolpinskаyа (Rostov region), and Vyacheslav Trusov (Penza region).