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In Saratov, cystic fibrosis patients have received inhalers

On 18 November at Saratov Lekresurs Pharmacy, inhalers were handed out to children diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis”. Irina Isaeva, president of the Svobodnoe Dykhanie regional organisation, which provides help for patients with cystic fibrosis, said that this activity was being held for the first time with the financial support of the Public Health Ministry of the Saratov region. “We have more than 200 members in our organisation and most of the children can’t go even a day without such an inhaler because they have viscous sputum accumulated in their lungs”, clarifies Irina Vyacheslavovna.

Earlier, parents purchased the same inhalers themselves, with the help of sponsors, exchange and solidarity. The on-line cost of a German inhaler is from RUB 7.4 to 8 thousand, and a total of 30 inhalers were purchased.