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The Oedipus Rex Charity Opera in support of cystic fibrosis patients

On 27 February, Igor Stravinsky’s opera-oratorio called Oedipus Rex will be staged at Alexandrinsky Theatre. An orchestra, under the direction of the famous conductor, Marius Stravinsky, will perform this masterful work. Leading European and Russian musicians and artists will take part in the performance. The soloists are Andrew Staples (UK) and Olesya Petrova (Saint Petersburg).

 The Ostrova Charitable Foundation is proud to organize an event that offers people the opportunity to attend a historical cultural event, while at the same time helping people living with cystic fibrosis.

 The Oedipus Rex opera-oratorio is one of the most majestic musical-theatrical works of the 20th century. This famous story about King Oedipus delves into one of the main concepts of ancient drama – the inevitability of Fate. The drama, during which the protagonist learns that his own father is the killer and the unwitting husband of his mother, is one of the most powerful moments in the world of theater.

 This new staging of the renowned work is put together like a puppet mystery – making use of both puppetry and ballet. The ancient art of puppetry makes it possible to speak about complicated philosophical, an even mystical, matters in a clear and entertaining way.

 The creators hope that the collective ingenuity of artists from a variety of different fields will make it possible to create a truly new and exciting spectacle. Puppet operas are well known in Western Europe, but this will be the very first time it is presented in Russia.

 To purchase tickets go to: https://spb.kassir.ru/kassir/event/view/84382

 All proceeds from ticket sales will go towards funding Ostrova Foundation programmes.