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The Ostrova Charitable Foundation goes on the air with the Mediametrics Radio

On 16 December, the Ostrova Charitable Foundation staff  took part in Svetlana Karimova’s programme called Attention to Detail, which is broadcast on the Mediametrics online radio station. The programme covers various topics concerning culture, social issues, healthcare, and charity work.

 Olga Pylaeva, Programmes Manager of the Ostrova Foundation, and Yulia Shamanovskaya, assistant to the Foundation’s Chairperson, spoke about the kinds of difficulties faced by parents of children with cystic fibrosis and adults living with the disorder. They also spoke about how these problems are dealt with in Russia and why the work of charitable foundations in this area is so and important and urgent.

 You can watch the video recording of the programme on the Mediametrics Piter Radio website or on our YouTube channel.