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A unique operation on transplanting lungs was made on a patient with cystic fibrosis in Canad

A 32-year-old resident of Ontario province Melissa Benois diagnosed with cystic fibrosis got into Toronto hospital in terminal stage, her lungs almost failed due to persistent fungus infection. The only chance for her to continue living was lung transplantation surgery. But so critical was her condition that Melissa might pass away while waiting for the donor.

In April 2016, a team of 13 doctors fully removed the lungs of Melissa Benois, after which the woman was switched to Extra-Corporeal Lung Support system that covers for the work of lungs. The apparatus pumps out blood from the body, saturates it with oxygen and takes out carbon dioxide to pump it back in.

Such a machine, although still an experimental model and available in just a few hospitals makes it possible for lung patients to wait for donor organs and surgery.
Melissa lived through 6 days without both lungs and could wait for a donor organ. The surgery was successful and now the young woman is at the stage of rehabilitation. To learn more follow the link