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The Ostrova Foundation provided help to eight families in buying nutritional care

In September 2016, The Ostrova Charitable Foundation received a request from National Scientific and Practical Center of Children’s Health (Moscow) for help in obtaining special high-calorie nutrition care for eight children with cystic fibrosis under care of the center.

All the children aged from 10 to 17 under observation had low nutritional status, which means high risk of pulmonic aggravations.

Free surgeries were made to patients in the center – PEG tubes were installed as well as special devices for nutrition intake, and pumps were given out. The OstrovaFoundation assumed the issues of buying enteral nutrition for four months and tubing lines for its intake, and organised delivery to the following regions of Russia: Penzenskaya, Arkhangelskaya, Kostromskaya, Voronezhskaya, Tyumenskaya and Kaluzhskaya districts, cities of Moscow and Vladikavkaz.

Throughout four months patients with cystic fibrosis received nutrition thus gaining weight which is so important for their well-being and successful fighting with infections.