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In memory of Jean Feigelson, a French paediatrician

On 1 February, an outstanding doctor and a great humanist Jean Feigelson, a French paediatrician, died. He was among the discoverers of cystic fibrosis and dedicated more than 50 years of his life to people suffering from this rare disease.

Jean Feigelson was a member of the French Resistance, war hero, Knight of the national order of the Legion of Honour, and holder of many other awards; in the times of peace he continued his fight against any injustice. He inspired doctors to fight for people suffering from cystic fibrosis, so that they could have a long and fulfilled life. He filled people with energy, self-confidence, and made them believe in the scientific potential of medicine – and this refers not only to his colleague doctors but also to patients from all over the world.

According to leading Russian pulmonologists, Jean Feigelson did more than anybody to spread information on treatments of cystic fibrosis among doctors in the CIS, and would always respond to colleagues’ requests for help.

We will remember Jean Feigelson as a kind-hearted person persistently fighting for children’s lives, and as an example of true devotion.