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On 2 March, Makhachkala to welcome a conference on cystic fibrosis

On 2 March, a research and practice conference Outpatient observation and hospital treatment of cystic fibrosis will take place in Makhachkala.

It will be the first event of the kind in Dagestan focusing on treatment of people suffering from cystic fibrosis. The conference is supported by the Ministry of Public Health of Dagestan, and Dagestan Medical and Genetic Center.

Ostrova Foundation supports the conference by paying for the attendance of presenters from Moscow, Saint Petersburg, and Samara.

The conference will welcome pulmonologists and paediatricians not only from Dagestan, but also from neighbouring republics of Ingushetia and Chechnya.

Leading specialists of the country will share with their colleagues in the North Caucasus Federal District their expertise in cystic fibrosis diagnostics, treatment, clinical examination, microbiology, nutrition, and exercise (kinesiotherapy).