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The Ostrova Foundation supported a training of an ENT doctor in St Petersburg

As part of the Physicians Training Programme the Ostrova Foundation paid for the Nose Microsurgery course of advanced training for an ear-nose-throat doctor Maria Martynikhina from the department of thoracic surgery  of the Hospital No. 2. The training was organised at the premises of St Petersburg Institute of Study and Research on ENT  on 6 February – 3 March 2017.

The patients with cystic fibrosis often suffer from different ENT disorders, for example, from polyps in nose and paranasal sinuses. If the polyps are not excised nor treated, they can provoke nose breathing difficulty, anosmia and, in the worse cases, they can block the nasal passages and  foramens of paranasal sinuses.

The most efficacious and attenuated method of polyps excision today is the functional endoscopic endonasal surgery. The endoscopic excision allows forgetting about the polyps for a long time: usually, for several years there are no recurrences.

During the training Maria Martnikhina got acquainted with the modern equipment, installed in St Petersburg Institute of Study and Research on ENT, and learnt treatment and diagnostical manipulations which can improve respiratory function of patients with cystic fibrosis.