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National Consensus on cystic fibrosis published

Back in 2014, the Medical Genetic R&D Centre and nation-wide association of patients with cystic fibrosis set up a panel of experts to formulate a consensus document on the important issues in cystic fibrosis treatment. The work took three years and the document was finalised in November 2016. The Consensus was adopted as the guidelines for doctors treating patients with cystic fibrosis.

In April 2017, the Ostrova Charitable Foundation supported a limited edition of the Consensus, to be distributed among doctors across all regional centres for cystic fibrosis in Russia.

Coordinators of the Consensus development initiative, represented by Prof. E. Kondratieva, Prof. N. Kashirskaya, and Prof. N. Kapranov, believe that the recommendations will be helpful in the everyday work of medical professionals involved in studying cystic fibrosis, and a wide group of paediatricians, general practitioners, genetic specialists, pulmonologists and gastroenterologists, as well as other doctors supporting this group of patients.