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Internship in St Petersburg for Two Doctors from Russian regions

11 – 24 May 2017: Two doctors from Russian regions – Dr Natalia Ochirova, Head of the Pulmonology Department, Children’s Republican Clinical Hospital, and the Chief Non-Staff Children’s Pulmonologist of Ministry of Health of the Republic of Buryatia (Ulan Ude); and Dr Zhanna Syundikova, a pulmonologist from the Children’s Hospital of Pervouralsk (Sverdlovsk Region), underwent internships at St Petersburg’s Saint Olga City Children’s Hospital.

The internship was headed by Dr Alexander Orlov, MD, professor and Head of the Infectious Disease Department at the Saint Olga City Children’s Hospital. The topics of the training included: how to take sweat tests, densitometry, fasting metabolism testing, sputum taking, kinesiatrics in different cases of cystic fibrosis, spirography and bronchial challenge test taking and more.

The Ostrova Charitable Foundation supports doctors from Russia’s regions who would like to undergo such internships at leading Russian cystic fibrosis centres and covers their travel and accommodation expenses, as regional hospitals rarely have the opportunity to cover their staff’s training costs on such a highly targeted issue as cystic fibrosis.