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3 September «Together with the City»

On 3 September, the “Ostrova” foundation took part in the major charitable event “Together with the City”, which was timed to fall around the International Day of Charity. A section of Palace Square was dedicated to the event, where employees, doctors, and volunteers told St Petersburg residents about the foundation’s activities, projects they’ve done, their difficulties and successes, and what exactly cystic fibrosis is.

Tens of thousands of people came together at the square, where Olga Pylayeva, programme director at the Ostrova Foundation, thanked everyone for their help and for coming out.

Yulia Shamanovskaya, the foundation’s assistant chairman, spoke to St Petersburg Vice Governor Aleksandr Nikolayevich Govorunovy and talked about the foundation and their programs, discussed the possibility of organising a summer holiday for young people with disabilities, and addressed questions regarding the provision of cystic fibrosis patients with necessary treatment (inspirator) and the prospect of performing lung transplants for such individuals in St Petersburg.