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Winners Named for Science Competition 2017

The results have been tallied up for the Science Charitable Program scientific project and publication competition.

The winners of “Scientific Authors in the field of Cystic Fibrosis” were doctors from Moscow, Samara, and Vladivostok.

Tatyana Vasilyeva — pediatric doctor, head of the Regional Children’s Consultation Polyclinic in Vladivostok, Doctor of Medical Science.

Olga Kondratenko – doctor and bacteriologist, assistant professor in the department of General and Clinicial Microbiology, Immunology, and Allergology at Samara State Medical University, Candidate of Medical Science.

Stanislav Krasovsky — senior researcher at the Research Institute for Pulmonology, FMBA Moscow, pulmonologist.

And the group of authors from Moscow: Olga Simonova, Olga Voronina, Yulia Gorinova, Elena Lvovna Amelina, Nina Burkina, Anna Lazareva, Marina Kunda, Natalya Rizhova, Vera Chernevich.

Olga Kondratenko Olga Kondratenko


Stanislav Krasovsky Stanislav Krasovsky

Tatyana Vasilyeva Tatyana Vasilyeva