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Legal Advice – Enzyme Administration in Kindergartens

We recently received a question from someone in the Sverdlovsk region about making arrangements for children with CF to take vital digestive enzymes in kindergarten.

This is a common issue for parents. We consulted our long-standing partners: the lawyers from S&K Vertical.


Hello! My child with CF (on disability until the age of 18) has started going to a multi-field kindergarten and the question has arisen regarding how they should take vital agents (Kreon) while there. The child has to take Kreon with every meal. 
The kindergarten teacher refuses to administer the agent saying that this is the healthcare worker’s area, but the healthcare worker is not always available in the kindergarten. 

Who is responsible for administering medication in the kindergarten? How should we address this case?


If the healthcare worker is a member of the kindergarten staff, he or she can administer medication to children according to the regimen prescribed by the doctor. To arrange for the administration of the drug, parents have to contact the district hospital to obtain instructions from the local physician (signed off by the hospital administration, if need be) for the healthcare worker of the kindergarten to arrange for the intake of vital drugs prescribed by the doctor. If the kindergarten does not have a healthcare worker, parents can file a complaint or a request for clarification with the regional office of the Federal Service for the Supervision of Consumer Rights Protection and Human Well-Being.