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International teleconference on cystic fibrosis clinical case studies

On January 31, an international teleconference concerning cystic fibrosis clinical case studies was hosted under the auspices of the Municipal General Hospital No.2 in Saint Petersburg. Dr. Victoria R. Makhmutova, a lung specialist with the hospital’s pulmonary department, and one of the organizers and participants of this event, shared some information about the event:

«The online discussion was attended by specialists from the pulmonary department of Saint Petersburg’s Municipal General Hospital No.2 and the pulmonary department of Saint Olga’s Children’s Municipal Hospital in Saint Petersburg, as well as by a specialist from the Saint Petersburg Medical Genetic Center and a group of colleagues, headed by Professor Stuart Elborn, from the cystic fibrosis treatment center at Royal Brompton Hospital (London). The English contingent also included doctors of related specializations, such as a nutritionist, a physiotherapist, and a specialist in mycobacterioses».
During the teleconference, the Russian doctors presented two clinical cases, with management plans being collectively developed for such patients during the course of the discussion.

The English specialists shared their methodology for examining the center’s patients for mycobacterial complications, in accordance with international recommendations, and answered questions posed by their Russian colleagues».

Plans were made to hold discussions of clinical case studies like this on a regular basis.