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Summary of the “Personalized Healthcare and Cystic Fibrosis” School in Kolomna

The All-Russian School on Cystic Fibrosis with international participation, “Personalized Healthcare and Cystic Fibrosis”, was held on April 19–21, 2018, in Kolomna, Moscow Region.

106 doctors from 29 regions of Russia and international guests took part in the school sessions.

S. I. Kutsev, chief geneticist for the Russian Ministry of Health and Moscow Region, welcomed participants at the opening ceremony. He noted that, over the past several years, significant improvements have been made in diagnostics and therapy for the disease, both in Russia and throughout the world.

During the event, many issues concerning cystic fibrosis were discussed in-depth: the epidemiology of cystic fibrosis in the Russian Federation, the management of cystic fibrosis centers, modern approaches to cystic fibrosis diagnostics, the genetics of cystic fibrosis, personalized targeted therapy, the bacterial process in cystic fibrosis, antibacterial therapy and antibiotic resistance, preventing cross infection, complications, support for the nutritional status of patients, and cystic fibrosis in adults.

This was the first time that aspects of psychology were included in the school curriculum, such as how a patient’s and their parents’ mental wellbeing influences the state of the disease (a practical workshop with medical psychologist O. Poletayeva).

Significant attention was paid to improving the management of the Russian Federation Patient Registry, as well as to its results (reports given by S. Krasovskiy and M. Starinova).

Two roundtables and a training course were held as a part of the event. The training course, “A personalized diagnosis for cystic fibrosis”, was accredited by the Russian Ministry of Health’s Commission for Continuing Medical and Pharmaceutical Education Training Events and Materials Compliance Assessment.