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Trainings at the Children’s Cystic Fibrosis Center

Between April 2–6 and April 9–13, two training cycles on cystic fibrosis for pediatricians and pulmonologists were held at Saint Olga’s Municipal Children’s Hospital.
This year, the following students completed training at the center:
A. Ivannikova – Voronezh
S. Shive – Krasnoyarsk
D. Sergienko – Astrakhan
T. Bondarenko – Irkutsk
V. Goncharenko – Belgorod

“We want to express our sincere gratitude to the Ostrova Charitable Foundation for the opportunity to receive this training and extend our thanks to Alexander Orlov, (Ph.D, Head of the Infectious Disease Department No.3) for the interesting and brilliantly taught course.
Alexander Orlov developed a specialized program, tailored to the professional experience and interests of the students, which made the training highly effective.
Thanks to the knowledge we received and to our examination of the experience of the Pulmonology Department at Saint Olga’s Municipal Children’s Hospital, we have become highly motivated to continue developing and achieve better results in our own work!”