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A working visit by the head physician from Voronezh

With the support of our Fund, Sergey Alekseyevich Avdeyev, the Chief Physician of Regional Children’s Clinical Hospital No. 2 of the Voronezh Region, visited the cystic fibrosis centers of St. Petersburg on a fact-finding mission from July 31 to August 1.

S.A. Avdeyev spent two days at the children’s cystic fibrosis center, which operates in the St. Petersburg State Clinical Hospital of the St. Petersburg State Archives, and St. Petersburg State Medical University № 2, where adults with CF are undergoing examination and hospitalization.

On the same day, a visit was made to the P.N. Kashkin Research Institute of Medical Mycology, where a meeting with Yu. V. Borzova, the head of the mycological clinic of the I. I. Mechnikov Leningrad State Medical University, was held. Particularly complex cases of complications due to CF—allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis—were examined.

We hope that this fact-finding tour will give impetus to the development of a consistent system for monitoring patients with CF between the paediatric and adult networks in the Voronezh region.