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Conference on cystic fibrosis in Simferopol

On July 21, in Simferopol, the Republic Children’s Clinical Hospital hosted a conference entitled “Treatment and Prospects of Cystic Fibrosis” based on the Children’s Clinical Hospital of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

About 30 doctors from the Crimean and Sevastopol regions took part in the event.

The conference was attended by leading experts from Moscow, St. Petersburg and Samara.

A seminar for parents was held in parallel with the conference. It was conducted by clinical psychologist Olga Olegovna Poletaeva and bacteriologist Artem Viktorovich Liamin.

As Olga Olegovna notes, «The format for the seminar was new.» The psychological difficulties associated with a course of treatment and their solution were examined in conjunction with a specialist in a particular field. Sputum submission issues were discussed: why and why it should be done, how teenagers find their own motivation. This format of the seminar was well received by the participants, who numbered more than 20 people.

In total, 54 people suffer from cystic fibrosis in Crimea; 48 of them are children.