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Research and Practical Conference «Current Questions in Child Psychology»

On 12-14 October in Kazan, the 2nd research and practical conference «Current Questions in Child Psychology» was held, which coincided with the 25th anniversary of the Department of Clinical Psychology at the Russian Children’s Clinical Hospital.

Olga Poletaeva, medical psychologist and member of ECFS Mental Health Working Group (St. Petersburg), presented her report «Psychological Phenomena of Working with Children with Chronic Diseases from Birth to Lung Transplants on the Example of Cystic Fibrosis» as part of the plenary session.

Olga shared her impressions from the event, «We managed to stir lively and genuine interest in an audience of psychologists at all professional levels: students, practitioners, and professors. I find it very important to talk about cystic fibrosis, about the need people with these diseases have for psychological assistance, and about the work that the Ostrova Charitable Foundation has done in this field over the past four years.»