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International course on endoscopic dissection of paranasal sinuses

From October 1-3, 2018, Maria S. Martykhina, an otolaryngologist at the Centre for Intensive Pulmonology and Thoracic Surgery at City Multidisciplinary Hospital № 2, took part in the “International dissection course: basic and advanced FESS procedures” at Hasettepe University in Ankara, Turkey, thanks to support from the Ostrova Charitable Foundation. The course instructors were Professor Metin Onerci (Turkey), Professor A. S. Lopatin (Russia), and Professor D. N. Kapitanov (Russia).

The first day of the course was dedicated to theoretical preparation for the subsequent dissection of cadavers. Participants witnessed live 3D surgery on paranasal sinuses in patients with polypoid pansinusitis and attended lectures on the foundations of endoscopic rhinosurgery and skull base surgery.

The following two days were dedicated to acquiring practical skills on cadavers.

The theoretical and practical knowledge gained as a result of participation in this course will be used to further improve endoscopic endonasal intervention techniques, including on CF patients.