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Work meeting on the weekend

On November 17, 2018, a meeting was held by representatives from three microbiological laboratories that conduct a considerable amount of microbiological research on biomaterials from CF patients in Moscow, Moscow Region, Samara, and other Russian regions.

The meeting took place at the bacteriological laboratory at Filatov Hospital№ 15 in Moscow. It was the first work meeting between the microbiologists to discuss challenging and pressing issues related to microbiological diagnostics of cystic fibrosis.

“The meeting went well and was productive. We have a lot of plans and ideas. We will try to systematically put them into practice,” said O. M. Filatova.

Svetlana V. Polikarpova said: “This was our first meeting. We are certain that the public needs to know that we are working together according to the same guidelines, and keep in contact with each other to minimise negativity and competitiveness between laboratories and doctors, and to identify microbes within the community.”